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High Dividend Paying Stocks by Market Capitalization between $250 million to $1 billion

Company Name
Current Dividend Yield %
AGNC American Capital Agency Corp. 19.8  
BBH Biotech Holders Trust Merrill Lynch expires 17.6  
CYS Cypress Sharpridge Investments, Inc. 17  
RSO Resource Capital Corporation 16.2  
RQI Cohen & Steers Quality Income Realty 15.9  
ANH Anworth Mortgage Asset Corporation 15.3  
PSEC Prospect Capital Corporation 15.1  
RNP Cohen & Steers REIT & Preferred Income Fund 14.9  
IVR Invesco Mortgage Capital 14.9  
BSI Blue Square Israel LTD 13.1  
BKCC BlackRock Kelso Capital Corporation 12.7  
CMO Capstead Mortgage Corporation 12.6  
PVD Administradora de Fondos de Pensiones Provi 12.5  
RTU Cohen & Steers REIT & Utility Income 12.4  
DHF Dreyfus High Yield Strategies Fund 12.4  
SLRC Solar Capital, Ltd. 12.4  
EOD Evergreen Global Dividend Opportunity Fd 12.3  
BDJ BlackRock Enhanced Dividend Achievers 12  
NCZ Nicholas Applegate Convertible & Income Fun 11.6  
WAC Walter Investment Management Corp 11.6  
NCV Nicholas Applegate Convertible & Income 11.5  
HIX Western Asset High Income Fund II 11.5  
ENP Encore Energy Partners, LP 11.3  
FSC Fifth Street Finance Corporation 11.1  
EAD Evergreen Income Advantage Fund 10.8  
STON StoneMor Partners, L.P. 10.8  
JPZ Nuveen Equity Premium Income 10.4  
CLMT Calumet Specialty Products Partners L.P. 10.3  
NMM Navios Maritime Partners LP- Partnership Un 10.3  
BGCP BGC Partners, Inc. 10  
BBEP BreitBurn Energy Partners, L.P. 9.9  
MMLP Martin Midstream Partners L.P. 9.9  
PNNT Pennant Park Investment Corporation 9.9  
PIM Putnam Master Intermediate Income Trust 9.7  
PPT Putnam Premier Income Trust 9.7  
ALSK Alaska Communications Systems Group, Inc. 9.6  
JRS Nuveen Real Estate Income Fund 9.6  
ETG Eaton Vance Tax Adv Global Dividend Inc 9.5  
ITRN Ituran Location and Control, Ltd. 9.5  
HIO Western Asset High Income Opportunity Fund 9.5  
CHI Calamos Convertible Opportunities & Income 9.4  
CODI Compass Diversified Holdings 9.4  
EVEP EV Energy Partners, L.P. 9.4  
EHI Western Asset Global High Income Fund 9.4  
VNR Vanguard Natural Resources, LLC 9.3  
DSU BlackRock Debt Strategies Fund 9.2  
HYV BlackRock Corporate High Yield Fund V 8.9  
GLO Clough Global Opportunities Fund 8.9  
LGCY Legacy Reserves, LP 8.9  
TOO Teekay Offshore Partners L.P. 8.9  
CNSL Consolidated Communications Holdings, Incor 8.8  
VLCCF Knightsbridge Tankers, Ltd. 8.8  
SUI Sun Communities, Inc. 8.8  
MVO MV Oil Trust 8.7  
VTA Van Kampen Dynamic Credit Opportunities 8.7  
WWE World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. 8.7  
GLP Global Partners, LP 8.6  
HCF Highland Credit Strategies Fund 8.6  
HPI John Hancock Preferred Income Fund 8.6  
MIN MFS Intermediate Income Trust 8.6  
PBT Permian Basin Royalty Trust 8.6  
CHY Calamos Convertible & High Income Fund 8.5  
EXLP Exterran Partners, L.P. 8.5  
HTGC Hercules Technology Growth Capital, Inc. 8.5  
PVG Penn Virginia GP Holdings, L.P. 8.5  
GHI Global High Income Fund 8.4  
MMT MFS Multimarket Income Trust 8.4  
HTD John Hancock Tax-Advantaged Dividend Inc 8.3  
KGS Quicksilver Gas Services LP 8.3  
GTY Getty Realty Corporation Holding 8.2  
NPD China Nepstar Chain Drugstore Ltd. 8.1  
HGT Hugoton Royalty Trust 8.1  
MCGC MCG Capital Corporation 8.1  
SB Safe Bulkers, Inc 8.1  
TLP TransMontaigne Partners L.P. 8.1  
PSE Pioneer Southwest Energy Partners LP 8  
TEI Templeton Emerging Markets Income Fund 8  
FUN Cedar Fair, L.P. 7.9  
MAV Pioneer Municipal High Income Advantage Tru 7.9  
PSY BlackRock Credit Allocation Income Trust II 7.8  
EVN Eaton Vance Municipal Income Trust 7.8  
HEP Holly Energy Partners, L.P. 7.8  
SWZ Swiss Helvetia Fund 7.8  
DHG DWS Dreman Value Income Edge Fund, Inc. 7.7  
IGR ING Clarion Global Real Estate Income 7.7  
IRET Investors Real Estate Trust SBI 7.7  
PMX PIMCO Municipal Income Fund III 7.7  
ELNK Earthlink, Incorporated 7.6  
GEL Genesis Energy L.P. 7.6  
ESD Western Asset Emerging Markets Debt Fund In 7.6  
ETO Eaton Vance Tax-Advantaged Glbl Div Opp 7.5  
NL NL Industries, Incorporated 7.5  
RCS PIMCO Strategic Global Government Fund 7.5  
EMD Western Asset Emerging Markets Income II Fu 7.5  
BDV BlackRock Dividend Achievers Trust 7.4  
GMR General Maritime Corporation 7.4  
VMO Van Kampen Municipal Opportunity Trust 7.4  
FTF Franklin Templeton Limited Duration Income 7.3  
USA Liberty All-Star Equity Fund 7.3  
UHT Universal Health Realty Income Trust 7.3  
PFN PIMCO Income Strategy Fund II 7.2  
UTG Reaves Utility Income Fund 7.2  
PMM Putnam Managed Municipal Income Trust 7.1  
BFK BlackRock Municipal Income Trust 7  
MVT BlackRock Munivest Fund II 7  
EIM Eaton Vance Municipal Bond Fund 7  
VVR Van Kampen Senior Income Trust 7  
AVK Advent Claymore Convertible Securities And 6.9  
BLE BlackRock Municipal Income Trust II 6.9  
IRC Inland Real Estate Corporation 6.9  
NMA Nuveen Municipal Advantage Fund 6.9  
PMF PIMCO Municipal Income Fund 6.9  
PML PIMCO Municipal Income Fund II 6.9  
AFB Alliancebernstein National Municipal Income 6.8  
AWP Alpine Global Premier Properties Fund 6.8  
FLY Babcock & Brown Air Limited 6.8  
MYD BlackRock Muniyield Fund 6.8  
DUC Duff And Phelps Utility And Corporate Bond 6.8  
NZH Nuveen California Dividend Advantage Munici 6.8  
MUE BlackRock Muniholdings Insured Fund II 6.7  
EDE Empire District Electric 6.7  
IQI Morgan Stanley Quality Municipal Income Tru 6.7  
UIL UIL Holdings Corporation 6.7  
BFZ BlackRock California Municipal Income Trust 6.6  
DMLP Dorchester Minerals L.P. 6.6  
EVM Eaton Vance California Municipal Bond Fund 6.6  
EFR Eaton Vance Senior Floating Rate Trust 6.6  
NQU Nuveen Quality Income Municipal Fund 6.6  
SGU Star Gas Partners, L.P. 6.6  
LXP Lexington Realty Trust 6.5  
BHK BlackRock Core Bond Trust 6.4  
BLW BlackRock Limited Duration Income Trust 6.4  
MEN BlackRock Munienhanced Fund 6.4  
MFL BlackRock MuniHoldings Insured Invest 6.4  
MYC BlackRock Muniyield California Fund 6.4  
MIY BlackRock Muniyield Michigan Insured 6.4  
MQY BlackRock Muniyield Quality Fund 6.4  
PMO Putnam Municipal Opportunities Trust 6.4  
BNA BlackRock Income Opportunity Trust 6.3  
MYI BlackRock Muniyield Insured Fund 6.3  
NTLS NTELOS Holdings Corporation 6.3  
FRA BlackRock Floating Rate Income Strategies F 6.2  
BYM BlackRock Insured Municipal Income Trust 6.2  
MUC BlackRock Muniholdings Ca Insured 6.2  
RPT Ramco-Gershenson Properties Trust 6.2  
UNTD United Online, Incorporated 6.2  
MCA BlackRock Muniyield California Insured Fund 6.1  
PCY PowerShares Emerging Markets Sovereign Debt 6.1  
WES Western Gas Partners, LP 6.1  
BGS B&G Foods, Incorporated Class A 6  
MUA BlackRock Muniassets Fund 6  
IIM Morgan Stanley Insured Municipal Income Tru 6  
AEA Advance America, Cash Advance Centers, Inc. 5.9  
BKS Barnes & Noble, Inc. 5.9  
LTC LTC Properties, Inc. 5.9  
SBR Sabine Royalty Trust 5.9  
GRT Glimcher Realty Trust 5.8  
NPX Nuveen Insured Premium Income Municipal Fun 5.8  
OTTR Otter Tail Corporation 5.8  
MUI BlackRock Muni Intermediate Duration Fund 5.7  
CALM Cal-Maine Foods, Inc. 5.7  
PRK Park National Corporation 5.7  
IPE SPDR Barclays Capital TIPS ETF 5.7  
PPR ING Prime Rate Trust 5.6  
NEA Nuveen Insured Tax-Free Advantage Municipal 5.6  
OB OneBeacon Insurance Group, Ltd. 5.5  
STWD Starwood Property Trust, Inc. 5.5  
CDR Cedar Shopping Centers, Inc. 5.4  
CHG CH Energy Group Incorporated 5.3  
CSA Cogdell Spencer, Inc. 5.3  
STU Student Loan Corporation 5.2  
FPO First Potomac Realty Trust 5.1  
WIP SPDR DB International Government Inflation- 5.1  
BKK BlackRock Municipal 2020 Term Trust 5  
FUR Winthrop Realty Trust 5  
AEC Associated Estates Realty Corporation 4.9  
ECOL US Ecology Inc 4.9  
KRG Kite Realty Group Trust 4.8  
LPHI Life Partners Holdings, Inc. 4.8  
RNST Renasant Corporation 4.8  
BLV Vanguard Long Term Bond Index Fund 4.8  
CLNY Colony Financial, Inc. 4.7  
CUZ Cousins Properties, Inc. 4.7  
UVV Universal Corporation 4.7  
BLX Banco Latino Americano de Exportaciones, S. 4.6  
CMED China Medical Technologies 4.6  
CTBI Community Trust Bancorp, Inc. 4.6  
LG Laclede Group, Incorporated 4.6  
MIM MI Developments Inc. 4.6  
PZA PowerShares Insured National Municipal Bond 4.6  
TAL TAL International Group, Incorporated 4.6  
DCOM Dime Community Bancshares 4.5  
CFT iShares Barclays Credit Bond Fund 4.5  
BKMU Bank Mutual Corporation 4.4  
LSE CapLease, Incorporated 4.4  
HCSG Healthcare Services Group 4.4  
BWINB Baldwin & Lyons, Inc. 4.3  
BKT BlackRock Income Trust 4.3  
ELRC Electro Rent Corporation 4.3  
NM Navios Maritime Holdings, Inc. 4.3  
CPK Chesapeake Utilities Corp 4.2  
CHCO City Holding Company 4.2  
VIVO Meridian Biosciences, Incorporated 4.2  
PEI Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust 4.2  
PIO PowerShares Global Water 4.2  
SAFT Safety Insurance Group Inc 4.2  
UVSP Univest Corp PA 4.2  
AYR Aircastle Limited 4.1  
CBU Community Bank System, Inc. 4.1  
SUP Superior Industries International 4.1  
CPSI Computer Programs and Systems, Inc. 4  
FFIC Flushing Financial Corporation 4  
OMAB Grupo Aeroportuario del Centro Norte S.A.B 4  
HGIC Harleysville Group Inc. 4  
MGEE MGE Energy, Inc. 4  
NCMI National CineMedia, Inc. 4  
TNP Tsakos Energy Navigation, Ltd. 4  
AROW Arrow Financial Corporation 3.9  
EBF Ennis, Inc. 3.9  
HT Hersha Hospitality Trust 3.9  
KYE Kayne Anderson Energy Total Return 3.9  
MGRC McGrath Rentcorp 3.9  
AKR Acadia Realty Trust 3.8  
HUVL Hudson Valley Holding Corporation 3.8  
TLH iShares Barclays 10-20 Year Treasury Bond F 3.8  
EZA iShares MSCI South Africa Index Fund 3.8  
MSA Mine Safety Appliances Company 3.8  
DGS WisdomTree Emerging Markets Small Cap Divid 3.8  
IDU iShares Dow Jones US Utilities Sector Index 3.7  
APF Morgan Stanley Asia Pacific Fund Inc 3.7  
MVC MVC Capital, Inc. 3.7  
TFI SPDR Nuveen Barclays Capital Municipal Bond 3.7  
CHFC Chemical Financial Corporation 3.6  
FSS Federal Signal Corp 3.6  
LNCE Lance, Incorporated 3.6  
LDR Landauer, Inc. 3.6  
MHLD Maiden Holdings Ltd 3.6  
STL Sterling Bancorp 3.6  
SWS SWS Group, Inc. 3.6  
BRKL Brookline Bancorp, Inc. 3.5  
FXA CurrencyShares Australian Dollar Trust 3.5  
DGICA Donegal Group, Inc. 3.5  
BUSE First Busey Corporation Cl A 3.5  
GFIG GFI Group, Inc. 3.5  
SSW Seaspan Corporation 3.5  
TMP Tompkins Financial Corporation 3.5  
VPU Vanguard Utilities Index Fund 3.5  
WHG Westwood Holdings Group, Inc. 3.5  
THFF First Financial Corporation 3.4  
IXP iShares S&P Global Telecommunications Index 3.4  
KCLI Kansas City Life Insurance Company 3.4  
KOP Koppers Holdings, Inc. 3.4  
KWR Quaker Chemical Corporation 3.4  
BFS Saul Centers, Inc. 3.4  
SBSI Southside Bancshares, Inc. 3.4  
STFC State Auto Financial Corporation 3.4  
VYM Vanguard High Dividend Yield Index ETF 3.4  
WMK Weis Markets, Inc. 3.4  
SRCE 1st Source Corporation 3.3  
BHLB Berkshire Hills Bancorp, Inc. 3.3  
CDI CDI Corporation 3.3  
SIGI Selective Insurance Group, Incorporated 3.3  
CWT California Water Service Group 3.2  
DTPI Diamond Management & Technology, Inc. 3.2  
EMCI EMC Insurance Group 3.2  
GSBC Great Southern Bancorp Inc 3.2  
MYE Myers Industries, Inc. 3.2  
NHC National Healthcare Corporation 3.2  
CBK Christopher & Banks Corporation 3.1  
MDCA MDC Partners, Inc. 3.1  
WSBC Wesbanco, Incorporated 3.1  
AWR American States Water Company 3  
CATO Cato Corp. 3  
EDR Education Realty Trust, Inc. 3  
IYZ iShares Dow Jones US Telecommunications Sec 3  
NTRI NutriSystems, Incorporated 3  
GLT PH Glatfelter Company 3  
WDFC WD-40 Company 3  
SHLM A Schulman Inc 2.9  
GVI iShares Barclays Interm Government/Credit B 2.9  
SUBK Suffolk Bancorp 2.9  
BHRB Burke & Herbert Bank 2.8  
FARM Farmer Bros. Co. 2.8  
INDB Independent Bank (MA) Corporation 2.8  
ROMA Roma Financial Corporation 2.8  
STBA S&t Bancorp Inc. 2.8  
SYBT S.Y. Bancorp, Inc. 2.8  
SJW SJW Corporation 2.8  
TRK Speedway Motorsports, Inc. 2.8  
UFCS United Fire & Casualty CO. 2.8  
VHT Vanguard Health Care Index Fund 2.8  
MEI Methode Electronics, Incorporated 2.7  
WEYS Weyco Group, Inc. 2.7  
AIN Albany International Corp. 2.6  
ACO AMCOL International Corporation 2.6  
AM American Greetings Corporation 2.6  
BOBE Bob Evans Farms, Inc. 2.6  
CVGW Calavo Growers, Inc. 2.6  
HAYN Haynes International, Inc. 2.6  
VDC Vanguard Consumer Staples Index Fund 2.6  
DLN WisdomTree LargeCap Dividend Fund 2.6  
APOG Apogee Enterprises 2.5  
AZZ AZZ, Inc. 2.5  
CET Central Securities Fund 2.5  
CRESY Cresud S.A.C.I.P.Y.A. ADR 2.5  
FFBC First Financial Bancorp 2.5  
EWU iShares MSCI United Kingdom Index Fund 2.5  
KALU Kaiser Aluminum Corporation 2.5  
ONB Old National Bancorp 2.5  
OPNT OPNET Technologies, Inc. 2.5  
PLFE Presidential Life Corp. 2.5  
PBNY Provident New York Bancorp 2.5  
ROIC Retail Opportunity Investments Corp. 2.5  
ALJ Alon USA Energy, Inc. 2.4  
ASCA Ameristar Casinos Inc. 2.4  
ARJ Arch Chemicals, Inc. 2.4  
BANF BancFirst Corporation 2.4  
FCBC First Community Bancshares VA 2.4  
HHS Harte-Hanks, Inc. 2.4  
IPHS Innophos Holdings, Incorporated 2.4  
EWM iShares MSCI Malaysia Index Fund 2.4  
KAMN Kaman Corporation 2.4  
RBCAA Republic Bancorp, Inc. KY 2.4  
RGR Sturm, Ruger & Company, Incorporated 2.4  
HTLF Heartland Financial USA, Inc. 2.3  
PETS PetMed Express, Inc. 2.3  
ASF Administaff, Inc. 2.2  
AFSI AmTrust Financial Services, Inc. 2.2  
CTEL City Telecom H.K. Limited ADS 2.2  
EVR Evercore Partners, Inc. 2.2  
RLRN Renaissance Learning, Inc. 2.2  
XLG Rydex Russell Top 50 ETF 2.2  
STEI Stewart Enterprises, Incorporated 2.2  
TDF Templeton Dragon Fund 2.2  
HSII Heidrick & Struggles International Inc 2.1  
IYK iShares Dow Jones US Consumer Goods Sector 2.1  
KRNY Kearny Financial Corporation 2.1  
NC NACCO Industries, Inc. 2.1  
PGJ PowerShares Gldn Dragon Halter USX China 2.1  
SCS Steelcase, Inc. 2.1  
TOWN Towne Bank VA 2.1  
WIBC Wilshire Bancorp, Inc. 2.1  
BLKB Blackbaud, Inc. 2  
BNE Bowne & Co., Inc. 2  
CEE Central Europe & Russia Fund Inc 2  
COKE Coca-Cola Bottling Company Consolidated 2  
DK Delek US Holdings, Incorporated 2  
DUF Duff & Phelps Corporation 2  
FBNC First Bancorp 2  
HWKN Hawkins, Inc. 2  
HMN Horace Mann Educators 2  
IBA Industrias Bachoco SAB de CV American Depos 2  
IOO iShares S&P Global 100 Index Fund 2  
KXI iShares S&P Global Consumer Staples Index F 2  
MTSC MTS Systems Corporation 2  
NAFC Nash-Finch Company 2  
NP Neenah Paper, Inc. 2  
ORIT Oritani Financial Corporation 2  
PSMT PriceSmart, Incorporated 2  
AMN Ameron International Corporation 1.9  
ATNI Atlantic Tele-Network, Inc. 1.9  
CKR CKE Restaurants, Inc. 1.9  
FIX Comfort Systems USA, Inc. 1.9  
EDC Direxion Daily Emerging Markets Bull 3X Sha 1.9  
ERX Direxion Daily Energy Bull 3X Shares 1.9  
EROC Eagle Rock Energy Partners, L.P. 1.9  
GLNG Golar LNG, Ltd. 1.9  
EZU iShares MSCI EMU Index Fund 1.9  
PKY Parkway Properties, Inc. 1.9  
SCBT SCBT Financial Corporation 1.9  
SHEN Shenandoah Telecommunications Co 1.9  
SWWC Southwest Water Company 1.9  
BCO The Brinks Company 1.9  
TCBK Trico Bancshares 1.9  
BMT BlackRock Insured Municipal Term Trust 1.8  
CASS Cass Information Systems, Inc. 1.8  
AGZ iShares Barclays Agency Bond Fund 1.8  
OXM Oxford Industries, Inc. 1.8  
DLS WisdomTree International SmallCap Dividend 1.8  
ASEI American Science & Engineering, Inc. 1.7  
AMWD American Woodmark Corporation 1.7  
CNS Cohen & Steers, Inc. 1.7  
COHU Cohu, Inc. 1.7  
ES EnergySolutions, Inc. 1.7  
IPAR Inter Parfums Inc 1.7  
IWW iShares Russell 3000 Value Index Fund 1.7  
SLX Market Vectors Steel Index ETF 1.7  
MWA Mueller Water Products, Inc. 1.7  
JSN Nuveen Equity Premium Opportunity 1.7  
RAVN Raven Industries, Inc. 1.7  
TY Tri-Continental Fund 1.7  
UBSH Union First Market Bankshares Corp 1.7  
ALGT Allegiant Travel Company, LLC. 1.6  
OZRK Bank of the Ozarks, Inc. 1.6  
BWS Brown Shoe Company, Inc. 1.6  
EXBD Corporate Executive Board Company 1.6  
EPHC Epoch Holding Corporation 1.6  
IYY iShares Dow Jones U.S. Index Fund 1.6  
JBT John Bean Technologies Corporation 1.6  
MLI Mueller Industries, Inc. 1.6  
PKE Park Electrochemical Corp. 1.6  
PRIM Primoris Services Corp. 1.6  
SSI Stage Stores, Inc. 1.6  
VT Vanguard Total World Stock Index Fund 1.6  
AAON AAON, Incorporated 1.5  
BEBE bebe stores, inc. 1.5  
CHDN Churchill Downs Incorporated 1.5  
EIG Employers Holdings, Inc. 1.5  
GRC Gorman-Rupp Company 1.5  
NATL National Interstate Corporation 1.5  
NFBK Northfield Bancorp, Inc. 1.5  
TNC Tennant Company 1.5  
ARB Arbitron Corporation 1.4  
ART Artio Global Investors, Inc. 1.4  
BGFV Big 5 Sporting Goods Corporation 1.4  
CYD China Yuchai International, Ltd. 1.4  
FSR Flagstone Reinsurance Holdings SA 1.4  
IRS IRSA Inversiones Y Representaciones S.A. GD 1.4  
IYE iShares Dow Jones US Energy Sector Index Fu 1.4  
MTE Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd ADS wi 1.4  
OPY Oppenheimer Holdings, Inc. 1.4  
PIN PowerShares India 1.4  
SPTN Spartan Stores, Inc. 1.4  
SNHY Sun Hydraulics, Inc. 1.4  
VAW Vanguard Materials Index Fund 1.4  
WTS Watts Water Technologies, Inc. 1.4  
FRED Fred's, Inc. 1.3  
IYT iShares Dow Jones Transportation Average In 1.3  
IYH iShares Dow Jones US Healthcare Sector Inde 1.3  
IYJ iShares Dow Jones US Industrial Sector Inde 1.3  
IXJ iShares S&P Global Healthcare Index Fund 1.3  
MIG Meadowbrook Insurance Group, Inc. 1.3  
NNI Nelnet, Inc. 1.3  
PBY Pep Boys - Manny, Moe & Jack 1.3  
KRE SPDR KBW Regional Banking ETF 1.3  
SCL Stepan Company 1.3  
TR Tootsie Roll Industries, Incorporated 1.3  
UFPI Universal Forest Products, Incorporated 1.3  
VIS Vanguard Industrials Index Fund 1.3  
DWM WisdomTree DEFA Fund 1.3  
DEM WisdomTree Emerging Markets Equity Income F 1.3  
BMI Badger Meter, Inc. 1.2  
CGNX Cognex Corporation 1.2  
CTS CTS Corporation 1.2  
DAKT Daktronics, Inc. 1.2  
ESE Esco Technologies, Incorporated 1.2  
ETH Ethan Allen Interiors, Inc. 1.2  
IWZ iShares Russell 3000 Growth Index Fund 1.2  
MCRL Micrel, Inc. 1.2  
OFG Oriental Financial Group 1.2  
SKYW Skywest, Incorporated 1.2  
SBIB Sterling Bancshares, Inc. 1.2  
YSI U-Store-It Trust 1.2  
WTI W&T Offshore, Inc. 1.2  
ACAP American Physicians Capital, Inc. 1.1  
ANDE Andersons, Inc. 1.1  
ARDNA Arden Group, Inc. 1.1  
ATRI Atrion Corporation 1.1  
BGR BlackRock Energy and Resources 1.1  
GLDD Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Corporation 1.1  
EWQ iShares MSCI France Index Fund 1.1  
DIG ProShares Ultra Oil & Gas 1.1  
SCHL Scholastic Corporation 1.1  
ENSG The Ensign Group, Inc. 1.1  
VSS Vanguard FTSE All-World ex-US Small Capital 1.1  
ALG Alamo Group Inc. 1  
CII BlackRock Capital and Income Strategies Fun 1  
CHN China Fund 1  
FFG FBL Financial Group 1  
FWRD Forward Air Corporation 1  
SUB iShares S&P Short Term National Municipal B 1  
JJSF J &J Snack Foods Corp. 1  
MNRO Monro Muffler/Brake, Inc. 1  
NPK National Presto Industries Inc 1  
DDM ProShares Ultra Dow30 1  
FINL The Finish Line, Inc. 1  
MGK Vanguard Mega Cap 300 Growth Index ETF 1  
ZTR Zweig Total Return Fund 1